Oak Park Community Alert

February 8, 2018


Unfortunately, early Thursday morning two individuals burglarized a vehicle in our neighborhood. Currently, this is the only car that we are aware of that was broken into; however, home security cameras observed them throughout the neighborhood. Attached to this email you will find pictures of the crime that was committed. This took place at 4:07AM on the back of Haynes Circle. The car and suspects were also seen on Belle Meade at 4:54AM. At this time we are unable to confirm the make or model of the car. If any other homeowners have security cameras and have footage that might help identify the car or individuals, please reply to this email. Please take a moment and check your vehicles to ensure nothing is missing and remember to ensure they are locked and all valuables are brought inside.

As a reminder:

If you see an active crime or something that looks out of place, contact 911 – don’t try to approach the individual(s)
Always remember to lock your cars and remove any valuables at ALL times, day and night
Always ensure your garage is closed when not in use and your doors are secure
If you have an alarm system, use it and test it regularly
If you will be out of town for the holidays, let your neighbors know to watch for anything out of place. You can also sign up for House Watch through Seminole County Sheriff here:
If you will be away, ensure things like mail and news papers are picked up when you are away


Oak Park Board of Directors

Last modified: May 22, 2018

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