Oak Park Community Alert

December 20, 2017


It has come to our attention that Monday night there were several cars broken into across the street at the Cabana Key and Madison Apartments. Unfortunately, this time of the year you will often see an outbreak of burglaries, car break-ins and package theft. We wanted to take an opportunity to share a few reminders:

If you see an active crime or something that looks out of place, contact 911 – don’t try to approach the individual
Always remember to lock your cars and remove any valuables at ALL times, day and night
Always ensure your garage is closed when not in use and your doors are secure
If you have an alarm system, test it regularly
Attached you will find info from the Sheriff’s department with tips to help prevent home related crimes
If you will be out of town for the holidays, let your neighbors know to watch for anything out of place. You can also sign up for House Watch through Seminole County Sheriff here:
If you will be away, ensure things like mail and news papers are picked up when you are away

Home Burglary Prevention


Oak Park Board of Directors

Last modified: May 22, 2018

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